Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What is the rubberband theory

Rubber bands snap when allowed to stretch too far, so has our legal system, specificaly if you live in Massachusettes. I am a father of a beautiful little girl named Bella. Bella is about to turn 1 this month. This should be an exciting time in my life; watching my little girl grow and develope. Watching her try to walk and listening to her formulate words and broken sentences, However thats not the case.

In this blog I am going to be writing about how my ex has tried to get me to snap like a rubber band. Hense the title. Each day I will write about my feelings on my divorce, my ex, her father and how I have been copeing with the overwhealimg stress of lifes day to day events
I hope you cant relate to what Ive been through, however, if you have know your not alone. More tomarrow.


Marc Reece


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