Saturday, June 04, 2005

Part 2 No excuses

We have no excuses, only reasons. In fact I believe this to be an absolute truth. I can make up all kinds of excuses for the things that happen to me; both good and bad but in the foundation that makes up these excuses lays a reason. Underneath reason is where the absolute truth lies and we are only able to find truth when we remove the excuses examine the reason and accept truth.

Divorce is a teacher of absolute truths. It is what it is and you must accept this fact. In reality it doesn’t matter why or how it grows; it does however; matter how we deal with, the hurt, the sorrow, the pain and the truth. So with that in mind the painful truth is that sometimes the truth is viscous and attacks with violent rage, but it can also heal, love and teach but only if we let it.

Part 1 Guilty of being big

I have been convicted of a crime or should I SAY FOUND GUILTY. I dont have a police record, I never hit or abused my soon to be ex or my child. I dont drink or use drugs, in fact I never cheated on my wife. I worked many hours for very little money owning and operating a small bakery in Wellesley Ma. My wife and I seperated, she moved into her parents house with our infant daughter. a week after the seperation I am asked for a divorce. During that week she cleaned out our savings account(s) and checking accounts. Cherry picked what she wanted from the house while I was at work AND THEN SLAPS ME WITH A RESTRAINING ORDER. The order reads no contact by phone, mail, or in person. When the judge asked her why he should issue the restraining order after she addmited that no abuse has ever taken place she said"Your honor look at how big he is im scared". The judge granted a 6 month restraining order needless to say this has affected my being able to bond with my daughter. Apperantly my crime is size. I was found guilty for being big. There was no jury or evidence which would indicate a restraing order should be placed in effect. But it was granted with one fast swipe of the pen. Even killers and rapeist are innocent until proven guilty.


Marc Reece

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What is the rubberband theory

Rubber bands snap when allowed to stretch too far, so has our legal system, specificaly if you live in Massachusettes. I am a father of a beautiful little girl named Bella. Bella is about to turn 1 this month. This should be an exciting time in my life; watching my little girl grow and develope. Watching her try to walk and listening to her formulate words and broken sentences, However thats not the case.

In this blog I am going to be writing about how my ex has tried to get me to snap like a rubber band. Hense the title. Each day I will write about my feelings on my divorce, my ex, her father and how I have been copeing with the overwhealimg stress of lifes day to day events
I hope you cant relate to what Ive been through, however, if you have know your not alone. More tomarrow.


Marc Reece